Language & Friendship features student travel to 7 locations around the world where students are immersed in the culture, the language, and most importantly the people. Explore: France, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Quebec, Costa Rica, or Martinique!

Our Mission

The mission of Language & Friendship is to provide meaningful intercultural opportunities through short-term travel and family-stay programs abroad as well as through hosting opportunities in the United States. Emphasis is on the creation of quality programs with a strong commitment to intercultural and language-oriented education.

Did you know...

...all L&F staff members are former language teachers!

...all fees collected for late payments and missing materials are added to the Naomi Thomsen Scholarship Fund!

...L&F coordinators regularly travel to our destination countries to personally meet with our family-stay coordinators and land operators, and to visit hotels that our groups use.

Language & Friendship

Our name says it all. At L&F, we do what we do out of our love of languages, cultures, and a passion for travel. Our lives have been enriched by friendships formed through travel and living abroad, as well as by foreign students we have hosted. Language & Friendship, Inc., was created in 1988 to offer maximum personalized service, custom-designed travel, and family-stay programs for language teachers and their students.

L&F is very proud of its Pro Lingua Award granted by the Minnesota Language Teachers' Association. The award recognizes outstanding service to and support of linguistic and cultural education by a person or organization from outside the language teaching profession in Minnesota. L&F is also an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.